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This wasabi (approximately 0.5 kg)

This wasabi (approximately 0.5 kg)

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Shizuoka Prefecture is the birthplace of wasabi cultivation

Utogi, Aoi-ku, Shizuoka Pref., is known as the birthplace of wasabi cultivation in a blessed environment of clear air and fertile soil. Around 12 degrees of an abundant spring water containing fertilizer components supports horseradish cultivation through whole seasons.

Wasabi experts carefully choose fine plant to multiply a plant.

Usually, many of the wasabis that are marketed are grown from seeds, and the taste is uneven and the quality is not constant. On the other hand, the quality of our wasabi is stable due to the multiply a plant by separating th roots of mother plant. Wasabi experts selected excellent mother so the quality is very stable. We will deliver the such special Wasabi.

Please enjoy the genuine taste of Wasabi

Please enjoy the genuine taste of wasabi that is completely different from the commercially available wasabi. Not only sashimi but also soba noddle and steaks, etc. goes well.

This wasabi (approximately 0.5 kg)
M size 5 ~ 6 ※ about 70g ~ 99g each
※ I send it as a vacuum pack one by one.
※ Please bear the customs duty overseas.

For oversea shipment
For oversea shipment, currently, we ship to Hong Kong and Singapore. For Hong Kong, we can ship to all individuals and corporations. For Singapore, we can ship to corporate companies own import licenses.

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