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Muskmelon  (2 pieces)

Muskmelon (2 pieces)

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Queen of the fruit

Muskmelon is cultivated in a greenhouse and usually referred to as the ""queen of fruit.If it is the highest grade product, it is placed one by one in paulownia tree boxes and sold at a price of 10,000 to 20,000 yen.

Painstaking cultivation to optimize sweetness of the melon

Shizuoka Prefecture is the country's largest producer of greenhouse muskmelon. It has excellent sugar content and elegant aroma and is said to be most luxurious within melons. Melons are grown with extra care in a green house and adopted a cultivation method that is separated from the ground.

Bes taste and quality!

Best taste and quality! As there is only a slight inferiority in appearance, we offer at special price. We will delivery the melons to your place about 2-3 days before the peak ripeness, so that you can enjoy the best timing of the melon.

Muskmelon (2 pieces)
※ 1 piece about 1.1 ~ 1.3 kg
※ Please pay customs duty for oversea shipment.
For oversea shipment
For oversea shipment, currently, we ship to Hong Kong and Singapore. For Hong Kong, we can ship to all individuals and corporations. For Singapore, we can ship to corporate companies own import licenses.

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